Sustainable Flooring

Bamboo vs. Cork Flooring

Hi I am Christina Swain with The Swain Team.  Let’s talk about sustainable wood flooring options today. There are two types that dominate the discussion: bamboo and cork. Both flooring types are made from renewable resources, are attractive, and at the same time, durable, low-maintenance, and even cost-effective. Both withstand the moisture issues in the kitchen and bath, and look warm and inviting in your living spaces. They also have similar price tags, at an average of about $6 to $8 per square foot. And Both are available in a wide range of tones from light honey to dark ebony.

Bamboo Flooring

A very rapidly renewable resource, bamboo grows much faster than hardwood trees and can be harvested after about five years.  You may choose between a horizontal or vertical grain, depending on your preferences. Yet, not all planks are created equal. Many manufacturers harvest the stalks before they are fully mature, resulting in a weaker product. Additionally, some use filler between the bamboo strips to cut costs and use binders that can emit toxic chemicals over time. So do your research before you purchase a particular brand.


Believe it or not no trees are cut down in the harvesting process. The bark is simply stripped from Mediterranean cork oak trees and regenerates within a few years without damaging the tree.

Cork flooring is most common in tile form, yet it also comes in panels. This flooring material has experienced a resurgence in popularity, but some may view it as looking dated. However, manufacturers provide a wide variety of textures and surface patterns, many of which look very modern. Plus, if you opt for tiles, you can arrange them in endless configurations.

Ultimately, your flooring decision comes down to personal taste. If you prefer a material similar to traditional wood flooring, go with bamboo. If comfort is your priority, then go with cork.

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