Stone Meadow Farm, Langhorne Pa 55+ Community Update

H‌‌‌‌‌‌ere is the latest on Stone Meadow Farms 55+ Homes Plan:

Foxlane Homes, which had gained approval to build 159 homes by Middletown twp. has now sold Stone Meadow Farms to Toll Brothers for $40.5 Millon.

“Toll will be moving forward with the approved FoxLane plan,” Middletown Township Manager Stephanie Teoli Kuhls.

The Foxlane original plan from  that was approved in December 2022 includes the construction of 159 residences, consisting of 17 single-family homes and 142 units in 71 twin dwelling buildings, and designed for residents aged 55 and over.  Toll plans to build in accordance with their Regency Collection which offers luxury 55+.

In addition to residential spaces, the development will feature a clubhouse for residents, two access roads, and substantial open space.

Of the development’s acreage, 39.5 acres will be maintained as open space by a homeowners’ association.

The approved project marked a scaled-back approach compared to previous, more expansive proposalsthat faced public opposition due to concerns about increased traffic, environmental impact, and strain on local infrastructure.

The current plan reflects compromises reached after a prolonged dispute involving local residents, the township, and Bucks County officials.

Approximately 67 acres of the farm will remain undeveloped and has been secured through a conservation easement funded partly by the Bucks County Commissioners who allocated $2 million to protect the land.

The conserved portion, which is still owned by the Stone family, includes the family’s historic farmstead and has provisions for the potential of up to two private homes if desired by the family.

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