Queen Bees make an IMPACT in 2023!

The Queen Bees is a non profit that was formed at the end of 2022.  Five Realtors sat down and wanted to do something good for the community together.  And the idea was born! Christina is one of the 5 founding members.  The idea behind the charity is simple.  We meet 4 times a year.  Coming to the meetings is not mandatory you just have to commit to donating $400 per year.

This year The Queen Bees were able to raise over $30,000 to help local people in need.  Our 72 female members made this possible.  We were able to help 8 families.  There is a male chapter starting – The Hornets as well.

Last week we celebrated our success with our end of the year 70’s themed Gala where we announced the recipients and told their stories.

Interested in learning more about joining?  Reach out to me (267) 397-6291.

Stories of those helped:

  1. This recipient was originally from our area and moved back after a hiking fall in the Smoky mountains where she was medevaced out.  She moved back here to be closer to better medical facilities and rebuild her life.  She is currently staying on a family friends couch and looking for a room to rent.   We will paying several months of rent to help jump start her.
  1. This recipient is a 100% disabled veteran who is raising his two godchildren who aren’t family as if they were his own.  He is barely making ends meet and can’t afford to purchase another car as his wasn’t worth repairing.  We were able to find him a reasonable and reliable car in great shape and he was thrilled!
  1. Single father living with relatives after becoming homeless.  They live on the 3rd floor of a hoarder house.  Mom is in and out of the picture. She comes into the picture and takes the money.  There are three kids. We purchased 7-10 outfits for them, bedding, shoes, haircuts and cleaning supplies.  Little red headed girl was thrilled with the Stitch clothes and bedding.  Older daughter was thrilled with the Nike sneakers.
  1. This Family of 7 fled a violent home.  The sister was living with them and beat them.  The sister is now in jail and the mother lives at Woodbourne Apartments with her three kids as well as her sister’s three kids.  We will be paying a few months rent for her.
  1. This individual was in a car accident in 1989 rendering her a quadriplegic.  Her dog sunshine is the light of her life and he has had recent medical bills causing her credit card to reach its limit. She feeds Sunshine before she feeds herself.  We helped pay down her credit card and gave her grocery gift cards.
  1. The next family is on the waiting list for a Philadelphia shelter.  They are couch surfing now and works for Woods Service.  We gave her Septa cards for her to travel to and from work and school.
  1. This woman’s husband went to jail for domestic violence.  At first he was just hitting her and then she left once he started hitting her two  boys.  She got an apartment and we bought her living room furniture, mattresses and dining room table and chairs, bought the younger boys clothes and food.
  1. An owner of a tree service suffered a spontaneous brain bleed on 10/4/23.  He  has a wife and  2 children. Up until a few days ago he was in a coma at U of Penn fighting for his life at the age of 39.  He has a LONG road to recovery.  We donated money for his families bill

Interested in learning more about joining?  Reach out to me (267) 397-6291.

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