7 Easy Ways to Add Holiday Curb Appeal

Whether you plan to wrap string lights around the house or hang illuminated icicles from the eaves it doesn’t take much to whip up some amazing holiday curb appeal at your entryway. Here are seven ways to decorate the outside of your house for the holidays.

1. Fresh Greens 
Bring the beauty and fresh scent of evergreens to the front hall by filling a planter with cut boughs and pine cones. Add a couple of ornaments, festive bows, or drape with a strand of miniature lights, and let your arrangement sparkle! 

2. Mailbox 
Don’t let your mailbox hang out to dry while decorating the rest of the house. Wrap garland or tie a big red bow around it for some festive cheer.
3. Light the Way
Lanterns and luminaries are both functional and beautiful either along walkways or on the porch, regardless of the season. Those that you buy now can be used year-round.
4. Wreath
Nothing is simpler than hanging a festive wreath on the front door. You will find a wealth of options at your local garden centers and even more varieties online. Feeling crafty? Make your own using either traditional evergreen branches or something more unique, like wine corks!
5. Garland
Garland is another easy way to add some holiday flair to your front entry. Use it to wrap around columns, drape over railings, and frame in doorways.
6. Pointessia 
Want to add some traditional color? You can’t do much better than a potted poinsettia—or two or three or more. Cluster a group next to the door, place them on steps, or line a walkway with the blooms. The bold red and green coloring makes them instant accents with a long holiday tradition.
7. Elegant Simplicity
Sometimes a simple string of white lights is all you need to make a bold statement. Use single strands to outline door and window frames, columns, or railings. Or get creative and suspend them like stars from the ceiling to provide a welcoming, magical glow.
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