Main Floor Living Success Story!

In my experience over the years not all people want to move to a 55+ yet, they do want to downsize to main floor living to make their life easier.

I had a new client reach out to me who found me on the internet because I specialize in downsizing and 55+ communities. John and his wife Mary were looking to move to PA to be closer to their daughter in Warrington. We did a phone consultation and we went over their needs, time frame, and price range. The next week we met over at the 55+ community – Lamplighter Village. We met in person at the house and I got a better feel for what their needs are as well as their wants. John & Mary knew they wanted main floor living yet weren’t sure that they wanted a 55+ or a single home. They did know that they did not want to have to do a lot of updating to home. We parted ways and I headed over to a put a past client’s downstairs condo on the market in Warrington.

The downstairs condo was gorgeous – it had that HGTV look! It was perfect and offered main floor living like they were looking for. So, I had an idea, why don’t I ask them to come over and check it out? At the very least, I will get feedback for my sellers and learn further what John & Mary liked and needed in a home. I discussed my idea with the sellers and they thought it was a perfect idea! Since John & Mary were in from out of town with their daughters they were able to come right over.


They loved the condo! It was completely remodeled and exactly what they were looking for! As an added bonus it was much closer to their daughter. The condo was less than 5 minutes away!


In the end, everyone was happy the sellers sold at the price they wanted and felt good they were able to help someone else who needed main floor living like they did.


Remember, hiring the right Realtor is key. Downsizing is a slower pace than most realtors are used to. You may not be ready right away. Hire an agent who understands that. Look for a realtor who thinks outside the box and actively engages with you to find solutions. Use them as a resource.



If you are thinking about downsizing and want to explore your options whether it be a 55+ community or main floor living reach out to me, I am more than happy to help. 267-397-6291

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