Best Winter Activities in Your 55+ Community

Senior couple skating on a frozen pond in the winter

Finding 55 and older communities in an area you like means you are one step closer to thoroughly enjoying your retirement years. On top of moving away from neighborhoods filled with noisy kids and the hustle of working life, finding one of these communities can also come with trying to find activities to help keep you occupied, especially during the winter. 

Now that you’ve moved out of your home and into a 55+ community, finding things to do during the winter months to stay active becomes imperative. With the holidays on the horizon and less party planning on your plate — that’s what visiting your kid’s homes are for — finding activities around the community to participate in can help make your retirement years more enjoyable. 

Fortunately, these communities have others who share similar interests and activity levels, so finding something to do either as a community or with a few select friends shouldn’t prove that difficult. Here are some of our favorite activity suggestions you can use in your active adult communities.

Join a Book Club

It might not be the most physically demanding activity you can do this winter, but it can provide you with an excellent mental workout and help you socialize with your new neighbors. Joining a book club gives you a reason to continue reading, which has proven to help improve your mental acuity and make new friends. 

The best part about joining a book club is you don’t have to wait for warmer weather. All you need is to grab your book, a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up next to the fireplace for a reading session.

Keep an Exercise Routine 

While a book club can help keep your mind sharp, the winter months can quickly become a recipe for inactivity. Cold weather can provide a ready excuse to stay inside and avoid the chill. However, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid all physical activities. 

Developing and maintaining a workout routine you can do from the comfort of your home can help you achieve the levels of physical activity you need in the winter months. Finding a routine you can do at home can be done with a quick internet search, or you can visit the clubhouse gym if one is provided within your community. 

Take in Nearby Attractions

Your new active lifestyle doesn’t have to be confined to the extent of your 55+ community. You and your friends can go out to nearby movie theaters to take in the latest film. You can also book a reservation at a restaurant you want to try and see what the local cuisine has to offer. 

Don’t Forget About the Seasonal Activities

The winter months not only bring the holidays and colder weather — but they also bring the winter activities. While walking through the neighborhood and taking in the sights and sounds of the season, you can also check out seasonal activities like ice skating rinks, winter plays, and Thanksgiving Day Parades as a way to pass the time and remain active in your retirement. 

Making the Move to a 55+ Community

Finding the right 55+ community for you can prove an overwhelming task. Discovering the different facets of each community and figuring out which one matches your vision for your retirement becomes exceedingly difficult if you don’t have an experienced voice guiding you. 

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