2023 was an AMAZING YEAR in Real Estate!

2023 was an AMAZING Year! I had great success in my business and personal growth! I am thankful to all my friends and family who have been there to support me. I am setting out to make 2024 even BETTER!

Opus Elite Real Estate has 129 agents total.  I am proud to say that I received the following accolades:
  • PA Top Sales Volume in 2023
  • PA Most Transactions Closed in 2023
  • Multi Million Dollar Club
  • Special Recognition for all the effort I put into being NJ Broker.

2023 was a great year for me!  So many great things happened that shaped me. And I had so many great clients! 

 I strive everyday to be a better version  of myself.  The change did not come without challenges yet, I faced them head on and figured it out!    One of the most dear things that is close to my heart that happened was seeing a charity that I helped found take off with great success.   We were able to help over 12 local families and raise over $30,000.  

Wishing everyone a Prosperous & Happy New Year!

If you are looking to explore your Senior Living Options, Call me (267) 397-6291 for a free consultation.

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