Worst Return on Investment

Worst Return on Investment




Hi I am Christina Swain with The Swain Team.  The majority of people I meet want to net the most for their home. And why not? For most of us our home is our largest asset.

So, what is your worst return on investment?  Not preparing your home for the market.

The one simple project that can bring you a GREAT Return is Paint! Yes. I know, no one wants to paint.  But the fact is interior paint will give you a 107% Return on investment!

A perfect shade of fresh paint can neutralize your home to appeal to more buyers.  As an expert Realtor, I have warm soothing colors that I suggest that guarantees buyers will fall in love with your house.

Remember, when buyers look online at pictures of your home and they see pink, peach, or even wallpaper, then they don’t even want to see your home.  The more buyers we have through your door, the higher the demand, the higher the demand the more you will net.


If you are preparing to sell your home and would like a free copy of my book, reach out to me at (215) 757-7257 or email me.  I am happy to help.

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