Why Should You Retire in Pennsylvania?

You’ve lived an amazing life, but are now ready to make some retirement decisions — chief of them being where to live. If you haven’t considered Pennsylvania — specifically the Bucks County area — this guide will tell you exactly why choosing the second-oldest state in America could be the best choice you ever make:

Tax-Friendly Exemptions

Retirees enjoy many tax-friendly exemptions in Pennsylvania. Anyone over the age of 59.5 years is exempt from paying taxes on Social Security benefits, income from 401(k)s or IRAs, and pensions. If you are 65 or older, you also get rebates on property taxes. Even though an inheritance tax is levied on estates, living here is still cost-effective with several other retirement income tax breaks.

Numerous Outdoor Opportunities

Pennsylvania retirees benefit from its extensive outdoor spaces, with nearly 800 miles of forest hiking trails and endless opportunities for biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, walking, and camping for anyone who enjoys spending time with nature.

Abundant Golf Courses

A popular game with retirees is golf. Fortunately, Pennsylvania lends itself to a fantastic game of golf with an abundance of excellent courses to choose from. The naturally hilly terrain of some courses offers the kind of challenges that even pros look out for, so you’ve already made a great choice to live here as a golf enthusiast.

Easy Travel to Other East Coast Destinations

Pennsylvania is close to American hotbeds of history and culture such as New York and Washington, D.C. without having to live in the hustle and bustle of these areas. So, if you want to travel over the weekend or visit your working children in these nearby cities, it’s exceptionally easy to do so!

Esteemed Eateries and Breweries

Retirement should be synonymous with enjoying your life. The good news is that Pennsylvania is home to some world-renowned eateries and breweries that will bring you plenty of merriment. With so many diverse cuisines and beverages to try from highly-ranked establishments throughout the state, you’ll undoubtedly be spoiled for choice!

Retire with Like-Minded People

The Keystone State has so much to offer retirees, but don’t just take it from us! Pennsylvania has a large population of seniors, with attractions, natural beauty, and some of the most amazing destinations on the east coast not too far away. There’s never been a better place to enjoy your time with people in the same stage of life as you!

For more information about senior downsizing assistance or 55 and older communities in PA, reach out to Bucks County Boomers today!

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