New 55+ Rental Option

Looking for a 55+ Rental? I had the pleasure to stop out and visit Juniper Village in Bensalem recently.  A lot of us know it as the old Wood River Village.  Well a lot has changed!  Including their fee structure.  And to top it off the renovations they have done are beautiful!  It definitely changed the way I thought about the community.

The independent living they offer is just like apartment living.  It very much reminded me of a Heathergate style 55+ apartment living.  You can come and go as you please.  You have your own entrance to a 2 bedroom unit  with a patio or balcony and the amenities!  There is a pool, gym, exercise room, coffee shop, bar with a social happy hour, small grocery store and the list goes on.  It is NOT at all the old vision that I had of the community at all.  Before you needed to put down a large down payment to get into the community.  NOT SO NOW.  You can simply lease an apartment and enjoy all the amenities Juniper Village has to offer.   So, if you are looking for a 55+ rental I would definitely check it out.

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