Another Downsizing Success Story



I had been speaking with Peggy for a few months.  Her home was sold and she needed to downsize to main floor living as her mobility was not great.  She had her eye on the 55+ community Avenrowe, as she wanted to stay in the Fairless Hills area, but nothing was coming on the market.  We started to explore other options like expanded ranch homes in Fairless Hills.  Finally, we found one.  It was beautiful, it fit her needs, and her son approved! We put in an offer but we were up against several others.

As I am sure you have heard, houses are hard to come by these days.  Often, buyers are competing against MANY other buyers to get a home.  It can be very stressful and overwhelming.  This is where the agent you choose matters.  An experienced realtor knows how to make your deal stand out from the crowd.

I reached out to the listing agent who I happened to know well and asked her guidance on our offer.  What did we have to do to be the best?  In these situations your realtor’s relationships and reputation greatly helps.  Let’s face it, every realtor would rather work with another realtor they know will get the job done with the least amount of hassle.
After speaking with the listing agent, I reached back out to my client and updated her.  She wanted the house and increased her offer by $5,000 to secure it, and we got the house!

In the end, she was thrilled!  Peggy could stay close to her family in Fairless Hills and be able to enjoy her new home.

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