What does the color is your front door and what does it say about you?

What does the color is your front door and what does it say about you?

Commonly I talk about your front door color adding curb appeal. But let’s have some fun instead.

1. Red – A bold, but an inviting move. You like to entertain, and you’ve got a bar cart stocked at all times for spontaneous passers-by.

2. Light Blue – You’re hopeful and positive, and know the value of a well-loved, well-worn old pair of blue jeans. Friends come to you for both advice and a good laugh.

3. Dark Blue – You’re grounded, peaceful, and dedicated to your (fixed) principles.

4. Yellow – Who needs coffee with your personality? You’re a morning person, but you live in the moment any time of day. Your house is the cheeriest on the block.

5. Black – You like elegance with a hint of mystery. Trends do not sway you, and you treasure your crisp button-downs.

6. Orange – You may be the life-of-the-party, and outgoing. With your bold nature, you could make it work with any style.

7. Green – You’re easy going, and you care about your community and your family immensely. You’re responsible and seek security.

8. White – You’ve got the pantry everyone else dreams of, perfectly organized with perfectly sized containers. You like things clean and tidy.


Painting Your Front Door is an affordable way to add curb appeal. Curb Appeal will help you net more when you sell.

If you are thinking about selling and want to Net the Most, contact me for a free copy of my Book, “Downsizing & Preparing to Sell Your Home.” 267-397-6291.

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