Success Story….Wait for it….$60,000 Above Asking

I first met Sandy and Steve at a home selling seminar I hosted at the Northampton Library in 2017.  They were in a large home in Richboro, PA and were starting to think about downsizing.  I visited the home in 2018 and did a Home Salability Assessment for them and gave them tips and tricks on how to prepare for the market when they were ready.

There daughter moved to Delaware and they began to think it was getting close to being time to move.  In 2021, they called me out again and they had been working on decluttering and BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It still wasn’t time yet though.  They weren’t ready to leave their home of 35 years. And I get that!

Sandy and Steve called me again in 2023 and said this is it!  We are going to move and want to be living in Delaware by the end of September.  Because their daughter was going to have their 2nd grandchild and they wanted to be there.

So at the end of April 2023 we sat down and reviewed financing to create the best strategy for them and their needs.  First, we walked through the home and created a final staging plan to prepare that home for the market.  Second, we looked at the prices of the houses they wanted to buy and how put them in the best position possible so that they could secure PERFECT next home for them.  After reviewing their finances we decided that they needed to sell first to be able to buy.  And they would be up against cash buyers so they needed cash.  BUT moving twice is expensive and not to mention tiring.  So we devised a selling strategy to find the most flexible buyer and net the most and that is what we did! 


📣 SOLD for $60,000 Above Asking 📣
📍 $11 Offers
📍 Sellers Able to stay in home till they find a home
📍 No Inspections
📍 Accepted Well Above Asking Price
📍 Appraisal Contingency was waived

Hire an agent who understands where you are at in life.  Who is there to help guide you and relieve stress.  Everyone is on their own journey and will be ready when the time is right.  I am happy to help advise you so that you can net while minimizing your stress.    Contact me for a free consultation 267-397-6291.

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