Pros & Cons of Selling As Is

There are many different factors that can influence your decision to sell, including downsizing, moving closer to family, or seeking a manageable living situation. Have you ever considered selling your home as is? Selling as is means putting the property on the market without making any repairs or improvements, even when they are needed. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages to consider.


1. You can avoid costly repairs, which can accelerate the selling process and allow you to move on to the next stage of life more quickly.

2. Reducing Stress:it is an ideal strategy in situations where the emotional toll of staging or repairing a home is too much to handle.  Eliminating the need for extensive renovations, financing upgrades, negotiations, over repairs, and dealing with contractor hassles can save you stress and allow you to focus on selling and moving on more quickly.

3. Attract investors and flippers.: investors and flippers often look for homes in need of renovations. Which can mean a quick and stress free sale. Selling as is attract these types of buyers, sometimes leading to a quicker sale. Investors and flippers generally expect to handle some repairs and have experience buying homes that aren’t move-in ready.


1. Lower sale price one of the largest drawbacks of selling a home as is as you are likely to sell your property for significantly lower price. Buyers typically expects deep discounts to cover the cost of necessary repairs in improvements. Any additional liability they take on with an as is sale.

2. Selling a home and its current condition will limit the pool of interested buyers. Especially, if priced above what an investor can pay.

3. Potential inspection issues: selling, as is, does not free the seller from the need to disclose no defects or issues with the property. Buyers are still likely to conduct inspections, and any significant problems discovered can complicate or even derail the sale. Selling a home as is is a decision that requires careful consideration.

If you are considering selling as is and would like direction to see if it is the right move for you, contact me direct at (267) 397-6291 or at the office (215) 395-6277.

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