Mature Client Real Estate Specialist

Mature Client Real Estate Specialist

​Why work with a Mature Real Estate Specialist?

First, we have made the choice to work with mature clients because we enjoy helping people navigate life’s transitions.  

Second, we understand options available for you.  Newly retired? Empty nester? Widow/widower?  Any of these transitions can precipitate a huge change in lifestyle with many decisions.  We offer consultations where we listen to your concerns and share potential solutions and resources to help make your decisions.  We understand which properties and types of housing will meet different mature clients needs.  

Third, we are empathetic.  We understand life changes aren’t easy, can take time, and are often emotional.  

Fourth, we are engaged.  We just don’t talk about issues, we get involved!  We help seniors throughout the community not just our clients.  Helping people is our passion. 

Going through a lifestyle transition?  Reach out to us we are happy to help.

Mature Client Real Estate Specialist

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