Home Care Myths

Home Care Myths

​Don’t be Fooled by these Home Care Myths.  Have you heard them? 

1. Stone Countertops are indestructible – Stone countertops are easy to stain and scratch.  Household cleaners and mildly acidic substances like soda, coffee, and wine can dull surfaces over time.

2. Your smoke detectors test button is foolproof
The test button tells you the sound is working, not the sensor that detects smoke is working.  Use real smoke to check it.  Light a match and blow it out by the detector.

3. Gutter Guards are maintenance free – Gutter guards may keep out leaves but not small debris which can still get through.  

4. A lemon is a great way to clean a disposal – A lemon’s acidic juice will corrode the metal parts of your disposal, and coffee grounds will accumulate in pipes and clog them.  The best natural cleaner is baking soda.

5. Mow your lawn short and you’ll mow less often – It’s important to leave 1-3 inches of grass above the roots to keep your lawn lush.  Removing more will leave your grass too weak.  

6. Kitchen re-do will increase my home’s value – Home trends come and go quickly.  Instead of a completely remodeling – update the kitchen.  Choose elements with timeless style, like wood floors and subway tile. 

Home Care Myths

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