Main Floor Living Success Story

Main Floor Living Success Story
I met Sarah back in July 2022. She came in to town to visit from Arizona. She had retired out in Arizona and it was time to come back to our area for the grandkids!
In July, we explored different types of 55+ Communities as well as condos, both 55+ and regular condos.


She sold her home in January in Arizona. And moved back here to New Jersey to live with her sister while she looked for a home. Unfortunately, with our market right now, we were lucky if one home came on the market. She really wanted a condo. She began to get desperate and look at townhouses and condos with steps. I would remind her to please wait the right home will come on the market. I don’t want to see you buy something That you’re going to regret. I want you to find the right home for you.


As luck would have it, I was talking with another realtor, and she told me she had a listing coming on in one of the communities that was at the top of Sarah’s list and in pristine condition! Which was exactly what Sarah was looking for!  We were able to negotiate an off market deal!
Sara didn’t want to get in a bidding war, she wanted a main floor, living condo in specific communities, and she wanted it in pristine condition!  This home checked all her boxes!


Nothing makes me happier than being able to find someone a home that they really love. It’s important that people realize the realtor you choose is extremely important! Always hire an experienced realtor. They not only know how to negotiate. They also have the realtor relationships in place to negotiate off market deals that most agents would not be able to. It pays to hire the right realtor!


If you are thinking about downsizing,  call me 267-397-6291.  I am happy to help guide you to communities that best suite your needs.
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