Have You Heard These 8 Superstitions?

Hi I am Christina Swain with The Swain Team.  Let’s have some fun today!  There are Lots of superstitions — of both the lucky and unlucky variety — revolve around the home.  Have you heard all of these? Indefinitely have not.  Here are 8 Home superstitions:

1. Never give knives as a housewarming gift. this may symbolize the cutting of a friendship.
2. Paint your porch blue to ward off ghosts. An old Southern tradition.
3. Avoid buying a house with an unlucky street address. Thirteen is an obvious number to steer clear of, but four is unlucky in Chinese culture because it sounds similar to the word for death.
4. Don’t schedule a move for Friday, Saturday or a rainy day.Some believe that you’ll never truly settle into your home if you move one of these days.
5. Sprinkle salt in your new home.The first time you enter, scatter some along the threshold of your front door to fend off evil spirits.
6. When moving to a new home, leave your old broom behind.Bringing it with you is said to invite former bad luck (not to mention dust) into your new place.
7. Don’t sweep your home at night.According to West African lore, you’ll brush away good fortune.
8. Hang a horseshoe over your door for good luck. 
If you are thinking about making a move and would like a free 30 min Consultation where I tell you how to net the most, reach out to me – 267-397-6291.  Until next time, I am Christina Swain
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