Does a Patio increase Your Home’s Value?

Does a Patio increase Your Home’s Value?

Outdoor living space is very important to buyers.  In fact, it is on most buyer’s wants list when buying.  Patios are a sought-after amenity for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell a home. It’s estimated that well-designed patios not only add 8-10% home value, but also earn a Return of Investment of over 80%.

Have an existing patio?
A better option for most homeowners, would be to refinish or repair an existing patio, as long as costs are affordable. This can provide an ROI of nearly 500%.

How do you get the best return on your patio? Simply Add lighting to enjoy your outdoor living room in the evening and add patio furniture for more comfort.


Curious what repairs or improvements will give you the best return on investment?

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