Friends Village in Newtown, PA

Friends Village in Newtown, PA offering Independent Living.

I had the opportunity to tour Friends Village in Newtown Pa.  Friends is an independent living and personal care community, built on Quaker values, with a focus on purpose, community, wellness, and kindness.  Friends Village dates back to 1895 when Quaker philanthropist Anna T. Jeanes, donates $200,000 to support the establishment of “Boarding Homes for the Aged and Infirm Friends and those in sympathy with us.”

Two Locations offering Two Living Styles: Your aging experience is unique. Friends Village offers two living styles:  cottages designed for active, independent living, and the personal care apartments at Paxson Hall where you can access assistance as your needs change.

Styer Campus: With the historic Styer home at its core, the Styer Campus offers a variety of independent living apartment layouts to suit your preference. It’s an active, intimate neighborhood in a park-like setting with a beautiful meadow, gardens, and walkways.

Paxson Campus: Established in 1897, Paxson Campus is located in historic Newtown Borough. It is home to both free-standing independent living cottages and beautiful Paxson Hall, where residents may receive personal care services. The Paxson Campus offers the convenience and excitement of downtown life, with walkable shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Friends Village Independent Living Rates and Services:

  • 1 meal a day
  • Biweekly Housekeeping Services
  • All Utilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • on site maintenance
  • Staffed 24-7
  • Transportation Services
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Membership to the Newtown Library
  • NO large Buy in
  • Monthly fees range from $2335 – 4,175

Why Friends?

Right – Sized – Size is one of their advantages.  Residents not only have the opportunity to meet all their neighbors and team members, they develop close connections that feel like family.

Simple Lifestyle – Costs are kept reasonable, so your resources last longer.  A rental model alleviates the burden of caring for a house and property.

Removing Barriers – Apartments are accessible, single story, and designed to remove obstacles that may stand in your way. Bth campuses provide a park like setting.

Pursue Your Purpose – Living with a Purpose means doing those things that truly matter to you.

Community – Feeling connected to others has been shown to positively influence both physical and emotional health.

Kindness – Kindness is powerful medicine.

Thinking about making a move to Friends Village?  Call me (267) 397-6291.  I would be happy to help you.

Thinking about making a move to Friends Village?  Call me (267) 397-6291.  I would be happy to help you.

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