Do you know the status of our 55+ market?


I have had a few clients ask me, “What is our local 55+ real estate market like since the covid situation?”  It is much like our local real estate market.  There is a low inventory of houses with a high demand of buyers.

I had a couple, Tom & Jane, looking for a specific community.  One home popped on the market in that community and we jumped to go look at it.  We were one of the first people through the door.  This was the floor plan they wanted and in the condition they wanted.


We jumped on it.  There were 3 offers on the home by the afternoon.  I went above and beyond to get them the home, trying every angle to have our deal chosen and we got it!  They were thrilled.  Tom and Jane had been looking for years for the right fit in that community.


In this market you need to be prepared because when a home that you want comes on the market, you need to jump and FAST!

55+ homes are in demand; they are selling in one day with multiple offers!

Another attractive option for people looking for 55+ in the Yardley area is new construction.  Yardley Woods and Regency at Yardley are attractively priced.  Many of the  ‘older’ 55+ communities are selling for the same price as these new construction homes.  It is unbelievable.   They are both lovely townhouse communities.  If you are looking for amenities and a social atmosphere Regency at Yardley is the way to go.  If you want a smaller community that is not as social take a look at Yardley Woods.

That still leaves one question, Where are you going to go if you sell?

If you have been considering downsizing or making a move to a 55+, I am happy to offer a free 30 min consultation where I review your housing options as well as financing options.  This is my specialty.  I help clients downsize as well as transition to 55+ everyday.   I promise this consultation will help bring clarity to where you should go if you move, how to make the move possible with less stress, or to evaluate if maybe a move isn’t for you.  Remember,  I am happy to help in any way I can.  Contact me today 215.757.7257 /



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