Are we in a Housing Bubble? Today vs 2005-2008

Are we in a Housing Bubble?

The news media today spreads a lot of fear about our current real estate market. However I am here today with the facts!  Let’s compare 05 to 08 to today 2022.


First – Prior they were doing 100% financing which is a high foreclosure risk now people have significant down payments cash which is a low risk of foreclosure. 
Second – short term loans with interest only payments were being offered now principal and interest payments again low foreclosure risk 
Third –  they were giving adjustable rate mortgages today we see fixed rate mortgages again low foreclosure risk.  
Fourth – unstable buyers were out there buying homes in 05-08.  anyone could buy a home.  Now we have stable buyers with great credit, high income and low foreclosure risk. 
Fifth – no intent to occupy nor rent.   False demand fueled by flip investors buying and selling to each other with risky loans.  Now, we have the intent to occupy with a renter or owner. 
And finally new home development outpacing population growth for 10 years  versus now we have new home development struggling to keep up with population growth for 10 years. 
If you are thinking about buying, jump in now! Lower interest rates play a much larger role in your monthly payment then the house price does.  For a free buyer consultation, contact me.


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