April Local Real Estate Market update

I hope everyone is in good health and good spirits.   I know most of us are at home self quarantined.  I have been calling and talking to past clients and friends asking how they are doing and if I can help them in anyway.  I have had some great conversations with many people!

This unfortunate situation has presented us with the opportunity to remember what is really important in our lives, which is a great blessing in disguise.

With that being said, the real estate market really has been put on hold.  In PA, realtors are considered non essential.  We are not allowed by law to show houses.  Yet, in NJ they are considered essential and can show homes.    Settlements are still proceeding in both states.  If the house was under contract before we can proceed.

If you are a buyer, there are very few homes for sale at this point.  Many sellers have removed their home from the market till we are back up and running.  I had been preparing a few homes for the market right before the corona virus really hit.  These sellers still plan to sell they are just strategically waiting on my cue to use my pre-marketing strategies. So once this ends, we will see homes coming on the market for sure!  And there are still buyers lined up who need and want to buy.

I think we see the real estate market start to stabilize and balance out.    Why do I think that?  This is my 19th year licensed in real estate.  I have continued to study and analyze our local market.  I have been talking with other experienced realtors, reading,  and listening to different real estate market reports.

Remember, I am always here if you need anything and happy to help.

Whether it be a real estate question, or you need the name of a contractor.

Just reach out.

Until next month, I am Christina Swain with Keller Williams 215-757

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