The 4 Most Important Rooms to Stage

The 4 Most Important Rooms to Stage

Pricing your house competitively will certainly help it sell fast, but there is another piece to the puzzle.  The key is to prepare the home for the market.  The art of home staging has been proven to help sell homes on average 73% faster.  So which rooms are the most important?

Here are The 4 Most Important Rooms to Stage

1. Living Room  – You want to make the living room an inviting space.  Find the central focal point and work around that space.

2. Kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the most important room to stage.  You’ll want to show it off.

3.  Master Bedroom- This will be the future homeowners’ sanctuary.  Make it feel welcoming and luxurious.

4. Family Room – You want the family room to feel warm and welcoming.  This is where family will most likely spend a lot of time.

Stage Your Home to Sell

A Well-staged home creates demand and helps drive more buyers through the door so you net the most.

That’s where I come in with my Home – Prep Advisors program that helps you prepare your home for the market in advance.  Call me (267) 397-6291

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