The 4 Easiest Storage Solutions

The 4 Easiest Storage Solutions


If you have been thinking about selling but are paralyzed by the thought, “what do I do with all my stuff?”  I have some solutions for you.  Low inventory and low mortgage rates make it a great time to sell.

But, what do you do with all your stuff?  It can all pile up in the closets, basement, and rooms making the home feel smaller.  Clutter eats away at your equity when you sell.

Just dealing with the stuff can be overwhelming.  Clutter can be time consuming to get rid of or take to storage.  So, let’s try to make it a little easier for you.

Here are a few easy options:



You’ve probably seen the big PODS-branded white containers in driveways around your neighborhood before. There are different sized PODS available, ranging from ones small enough for a studio’s worth of items, all the way up to a two-bedroom home. (If your home is larger, you may need to arrange for multiple PODS.) When you’re done, the company picks up the PODS container and stores it in one of their offsite facilities or brings it to your new place. Good to know: You may need to get a permit to “park” a PODS container.



Similar to PODS, U-Haul U-Box, drops off standalone containers to your driveway so you can pack at your pace. You can arrange for the U-Boxes to be delivered to U-Haul’s offsite storage facility or your new home. However, the main difference is that U-Boxes are all standard size (U-Haul states that each can hold about a room’s worth of items.)



The appropriately-named service doesn’t drop off a big container. Instead, they’ll pick up your packed boxes, furniture, and other items. Packing help is also available, where Clutter’s professional movers will basically do all the work for you. If you’re more of a DIY-type, you can also drop off your items at one of their facilities. Clutter catalogs your items with a photo inventory, so you can select exactly what you need when it’s time to arrange for delivery.



If you don’t have a lot of items to store, Makespace may be a good fit. This company will deliver free bags for you to fill (or you can use your own boxes), pick up the items and then store them in their offsite facility. Like Clutter, they’ll also make a photo inventory of what you’ve stored. When you’re ready, just request delivery for the items you need. Good to know: Makespace will also take furniture.


If you are thinking about making a move in the next months to few years, reach out to me for a free copy of my Book – “How to Net the Most when You Sell Your Home.” Until next time, I am Christina Swain with The Swain Team

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