Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Questions to Ask Your Realtor


Here is a list of Important Interview Questions that you should ask a potential realtor.
The answers that follow are The Swain Team Expert Realtors.

1.    Are you A Full Time Realtor? How many Hours do you work each week?

Yes, we work 45—50 hours a week. We take at least 1 day off so our minds are fresh for our clients.
However, we are always available for emergencies, and someone from the Team is always available.

2.    How many years have you been in real estate full time? How many homes do you sell on average per year? Of those homes, what percentage of the home are listings?

Christina has been in Real Estate full time for 14 years. Carol has been licensed for 29 years.  Our Team sells on average over 50 homes per year, of which over half are listings. We have sold homes in both a buyer’s and seller’s market.

3.    Are you just a Salesperson or a Company Owner?

Carol is a founding owner at Keller Williams Langhorne.

4.    What Realtor® designations do you have?

Carol’s designations include being a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) which is the highest designated awarded to residential sale agents. On average CRS designees do 3 times more sales than non-designee Realtors.  Carol has also earned the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. She has demonstrated necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel mature clients through major financial and lifestyle transitions. Carol is a recipient of Outstanding Senior Real Estate Specialist for her outstanding work. This is only awarded to one person per year in the country. 
Christina has her Bachelors in Marketing from Temple University.

5.    Do you have any written testimonials with phone numbers of people that I can call as a reference? 

Yes.  Visit for several references
If you would like a list of references with phone numbers, please ask.

6.    Do you have a full time assistant that is yours and not for the office? If so, how many?

We have 2 Full Time Staff members.

7.    Do you have a staging checklist for me to follow so I can get my home on the market?

Yes, we have an extensive staging checklist for our Room-By-Room review and will spend time with you on our initial appointment helping stage your home with you.

8.    Do you stage a home first or do you price my home first?

First, we confirm the client’s commitment to staging and the final product, then we can price the home.

9.    What pricing method do you use to Price my home so it gets sold within the first 30 days or sooner?

We use the Bulls Eye Pricing Method and the Comparable Pending Sales Analysis. We use the pending date on the agreement of sale, not a settlement date to determine the current market’s buying behavior.

10.    What type of pre-emptive Marketing program do you initiate when you list my home?

We have an extensive pre-emptive campaign: Sign, 24 hour text sign, personal property domain name and rider & website, visual tour with unlimited number of scenes, previewing of comparable active homes for sale, talking to agents of pending comparable listings, listening to buyers calling on advertising, submission to 80 to 100 websites depending on your area, email to other top producing Realtors and much more.

11.    What is your aggressive and proactive Marketing program?

Besides the pre-emptive marketing campaign in question 10, during the process we refresh your property in the MLS 3 days a week and check for new competition hitting the market, reposition the home after 30 days in the MLS refreshing the days on the market, 30 day marketing reports, instant feedback online, weekly meetings and much more.

12.    Will I have my personal website with my property address? How many websites will my home be listed on besides

Yes, if you are allowed to have a sign on the lawn, you will have a personal website. Your home will be on between over 3,000 websites, depending on your location.

13.    How do you give interested Buyers 24-Hour access to my property?

We have a personal property website rider hanging from your sign, For example:

14.    Do you think I should have my home pre-inspected before going on the market?

Yes. You will save thousands if you have your home pre-inspected especially in a Buyer’s market.

15.    Will you put my home in the MLS immediately after signing the listing contract?

We can discuss this at the listing appointment. But putting you home in the MLS without doing any pre-emptive marketing is like flushing money down the toilet. Our clients sign a MLS Waiver of Submission form to give our clients time to stage and at the same time put our pre-emptive marketing plan in place to create demand for the property.

16.    How do you guarantee a smooth sale once I sign an agreement of sale?

We have a Transaction Coordinator in the office to handle all details through Celebration Day.

17.    Do you have an Easy Exit Listing Guarantee?

Yes, after 30 days from when the property is listed in the MLS, the Seller can cancel at any time.

18.    Do I have access to my home feedback online or do I have to wait until you call me?

Each Seller gets a personal account on Showing Time and has access to their feedback 24 hours a day.

19.    What percentage of your listings are obtained through a referral from a Past Client, someone who has used your services?

 About 85% of our clients are obtained through a referral from a Raving Fan Past Client.

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