McGrath lays out plans for 55+ in Bristol Twp.

On Tuesday, August 24th, Developer John McGrath, presented his plan to develop three 55-plus communities with townhouses featuring garages, condo-like flats, and senior apartments at the 17.5-acre John Fitch Elementary School on Greenbrook Drive, 10-acre Abraham Lincoln Elementary School on Plumtree Drive, and 17-acre George Washington Elementary School on Crabtree Drive in Levittown.

The project is modeled off the HeatherGate at Oxford Valley facility on Woodbourne Road in Middletown Township. He said each of the properties would have more than 400 parking spaces, pools, clubhouses, game rooms, fitness centers, and will be maintained by homeowner associations. McGrath’s group said each 55-plus community would have buffers from surrounding homes, green space, water features and improvements to stormwater management. 

At the Fitch site, there are 72 apartments, 52 flats, and 64 quads proposed, with prices for the quads being in the mid-$300,000 range.

The other two sites will feature a similar number of units, but the Lincoln site will only have two apartment buildings and not three like the other two properties.

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