May 2019 Monthly Market Update

May 2019 Monthly Market Update

May 2019 Monthly Market Update5/10/2019

 May 2019 Monthly Market UpdateMay is here are we are starting to see more houses coming on the market.   I am preparing to put 10 houses on the market this month!  Yet, we still have more buyers than there are homes for sale because rates have remained steady.
If you are a seller and want to net the most when you sell then listen up:
The hottest homes that come on the market are staged homes.  Homes that have that HGTV look.  And right now staged, well maintained homes are selling with multiple offers. 

At our home selling seminars we teach you how to net the most for your home and one of the points we review is how staging is an awesome return on investment.  Staging your home can net you more let’s take a look:

  • Appeals to a wider range of buyers
  • Staged homes sell 6 times faster
  • ROI averages 169% more
  • Buyers want move in condition
  • Buyers buy with their eyes
  • Staging makes a great first impression
  • Creates Demand

Demand is essential to selling your home for the most! Be sure to hire an expert marketer like myself who knows how to create demand.  When selling think of it this way: High Demand = Highest Selling Price & Sellers in Control of Negotiations
Next, I want to talk about basic tips for staging:

  • Remove unnecessary furniture: Less = More
  • Flood the rooms with natural light
  • Keep corners clear
  • Remove personal pictures & knick-knacks
  • Clean out closets
  • Declutter
  • Neutral Fresh Paint gives your home a new look

There is a reason Toll Brothers spend $1000’s to have the most appealing model homes. Because they know it will net them more in the end.

 Remember you do not have to stage to sell.  Everyone’s goals are different.  

If you are thinking about selling but not sure with improvements or repairs to make, contact us.  We are happy to come out to your home and do a Home Sellability Assessment where we walk through your home and work within your budget to prepare a prioritized list of what should be done. 

Contact us today at 215-757-7257 or email us at

May 2019 Monthly Market Update

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