Maximizing Your Kitchen Space in Your New Home

If you’ve just downsized your home, you will likely need to adjust to living in a smaller space. While the move makes sense from a logistical and financial perspective, these homes in communities throughout Bucks County and Mercer County don’t offer the elbow room that you might be used to. Even if a small space is what you had in mind, your kitchen is the one area of your home where you will need as much space as possible.

When settling into 55 and over homes, you may need to get a bit creative with how you maximize your kitchen space. As daunting as it may initially seem, there are plenty of simple hacks to make your new space feel much more sizable. It might require you to get a bit creative, but there are plenty of ways for you to maximize the area of your kitchen that you have to work with, even in the coziest of homes.

Declutter and Consolidate Your Supplies

One of the easiest ways to clear out space in your kitchen is to get rid of anything you no longer need. This process does not require a full kitchen remodel or anything too expensive — it can be as simple as getting rid of pots and pans you don’t use anymore or throwing out anything from your spice cabinet that may have expired. Think about it this way; if you haven’t used a certain item in the last few months, or even in the past year, you’re not going to miss it if you throw it away.

Even if you don’t want to get rid of anything, consolidating your storage space is a great way to make a tiny kitchen feel bigger. From doubling up supplies in wall and base cabinets to moving some items into your dining room area, there are plenty of ways to declutter your space. Keep in mind, of course, that there is a difference between consolidating and cramming everything into one space — you still want to be able to access your cooking and cleaning supplies!

Create Additional Counter Space

If you have too many items sitting on your counter, it can be a bit of a pain to prepare food for your meals — but certainly not impossible either. You can find creative ways to create new counter space throughout your kitchen, including utilizing your kitchen’s island and investing in tools such as cutting racks that you can easily place over your sink.

When looking at your counters, one thing you will want to think about is whether everything that is currently taking up space there needs to be out. If you can relocate some of your kitchen supplies to your cabinets or have a few open shelves in your pantry, moving some things from your counters to a new storage space can help free up a bit more space and give your new home a more roomy atmosphere.

Utilize Your Backsplash

Your kitchen’s storage space doesn’t have to be confined to your cabinets and your pantry. If your home has a backsplash, why not utilize it? This area of your kitchen, just between your cabinets and counters, can serve as an optimal storage space for utensils and small pots and pans. All you need to do is add a rack, a pegboard, or shelving to give yourself plenty of extra space.

If you’re concerned about ruining the aesthetics of your kitchen by covering up your backsplash, keep in mind that this does not have to occupy the entire area. Turning to an interior designer for advice can help you find the perfect balance between practicality and artistic taste. Once you find the ideal combination between the two, you will love how much room you suddenly have in your new home — even if you have downsized your home. 

Find Your New Home With Christina Swain

Settling into a new home involves more than just maximizing your kitchen space; you need to make sure your Bucks County home has everything you need in your kitchen, living room, home office, and more, even if you are looking to downsize. Christina Swain has been helping Bucks County residents with senior relocation services for over 30 years and knows what you need to look for when searching for real estate in senior living communities throughout PA and NJ.

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