Garage Door Hacks to Enhance Curb Appeal

Do you have a plain garage door?  Want to give your garage door a more decorative Carriage House look without replacing it?
It is actually pretty simple!

First, paint your garage door if needed.

Second, there are a variety of ways to add faux windows.  If you have a steel door you can use magnetic panels.  If you have a solid wood door you can simply purchase faux garage windows and screw them on.  Let’s say you have an aluminum door, you can block off a row of squares and paint them black.

Third, they sell faux garage door hardware kits making it easy to update your garage door in minutes.  Decorative carriage house garage door hardware comes in PVC, magnetic,  Stamped Steel, Solid Aluminum and Iron.  So your options are endless.

I guarantee updating your plain garage door will instantly add more curb appeal.  

Enhancing your curb appeal to sell?  Call me for a free 30 min in home consultation where I give you tips and tricks on how to prepare your home for the market.   267-397-6291

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