First Impression Problems

First Impression Problems

First Impressions are everything when selling.  A home that has more curb appealand is visually pleasing will net more than a home with little to no curb appeal.  These are the facts I see it everyday.  When we talk about curb appeal we are discussing the landscaping, garage door, entry door, and the homes overall condition.

In fact, a entry door replacement will give you a 90.7% Return On Investment.

A stone veneer will give you a 89.4% Return On Investment

A garage door replacement will give you a 75.7% Return On Investment

And a siding replacement will give you a 72.9% Return On Investment.

When we talk about first impressions we also want to think about what a buyer sees when they first step foot in your home.  No matter where you enter, whether it be a foyer or a living room, a Buyer decides whether they want to buy a home in the first 5-10 seconds they are in a home. 

So what is the first thing a person sees when entering your home?  Is it clutter?  Or is it a bright and clean open space?  Bright, open, clean spaces help keep the buyer engaged in looking at the home.  When a buyer sees clutter and darkness, it eats away at your equity. 
Remember these little things make a HUGE difference in your selling price.  If you want to net the most, with the least hassle contact us at 215-757-7257.

First Impression Problems

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