Downsizing Success Story

Making that decision to finally downsize and move can take some time. First, a lot of people need to know where they are going to go. You need to know that where you are moving to is what you really want. And as a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I understand my clients needs. If you have lived in your home for years, it is not an overnight decision to pick up and move. Quite often, I work with clients for years in advance guiding them through downsizing and preparing their home for the market. I am happy to help.

I first met with Mary in February 2020. She was referred to me by a past client who downsized a few years prior. She had lived in her house in Newtown for decades. Her father had built her home when she was a child and she purchased the house from her mother. Mary can remember the home being built. Now this 2300 sq foot home with a walk up attic, full walk out basement and 2 car garage was becoming too much for her to take care of.

We first began by figuring out where she wanted to go. Mary wanted to be closer to Doylestown to be near her doctor’s so we explored apartments, rentals and manufactured homes. She was going through treatment for cancer and needed as little maintenance as possible. She was able to find a perfect manufactured home community within 5 minutes of her doctor’s. Treatment had been taking everything out of her. It was a brand new manufactured home being constructed during the covid so it took a little time.

While she waited, Mary began to pair down on her belongings. Finally, it was moving day. She moved everything she wanted to her new home.  Friends and family pitched in and what was left was donated, sold or thrown out.


Now it was time to put the house on the market. I put it on the market on a Thursday morning and we presented offers the following Monday.
* We had 61 total showings!
* 10 offers
*Sold for $75,000 over asking price
* 21 day settlement

Needless to say Mary was THRILLED! She is on Chemotherapy and it is taking a toll on her body as she is extremely tired. I was willing to do whatever I had to do to make her life easier including driving up to see her to present offers as she did not have email access. In the end Mary was overjoyed and happy with the whole process, despite how hard it was to leave the house she had grown up in.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I have guided hundreds of clients through the downsizing process as well as helped them identify what their next move is. Downsizing does not happen overnight; it is often a long process that takes time. And I understand that. I am here to help you, not push you. I want to make the process as easy as possible. So remember, hire a Realtor who understands your needs.

Downsizing & Preparing to Sell


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