Benefits of Having Your Home Preinspected

Let’s talk about Having Your Home Pre Inspected.  Having your home preinspected is like having it certified.  You can hand the buyer the report with your correction notes and comments on what you don’t plan to repair and they can base their offer on knowing these things ahead of time.  So you don’t get nickel and dimed.

Benefits of Having Your Home Preinspected:

1. Reduce the stress of selling your home. It is normal to worry that your home may have some hidden problems that you are not aware of. With an inspection, you will know if any such problems exist and have the opportunity to address them.

2. Help with pricing your home correctly. You can price your home according to your home’s condition.

3. Speed up the sales process. With the inspection in hand, you can demonstrate that the home is in great shape and worth the price you have set. And if there are issues, you can be upfront about them and make it clear that the reasonable price of the home reflects the knowledge of those issues.

4. Allow you to make repairs. The inspection may uncover some problem areas that your real estate agent suggests you deal with before listing the house. You can have the work done and have the home re-inspected before you list it so that buyers know that everything is in good condition.

5. Avoid the need for renegotiation. The carefully considered offer from the buyer may be thrown out the window if the buyer’s inspection discovers any serious issues with your home.

6. Help improve buyer confidence. For most people buying a home is the most money they will ever spend on a single item. Knowing that the home has already been examined and that there are no problems allows the buyer to make a confident offer.


Tip of the Week:

4 Most Important Rooms to Stage or Prepare to sell

1. Living Room  – You want to make the living room an inviting space.  Find the central focal point and work around that space.

2. Kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the most important room to stage.  You’ll want to show it off.

3. Master Bedroom- This will be the future homeowners’ sanctuary.  Make it feel welcoming and luxurious.

4. Family Room – You want the family room to feel warm and welcoming.  This is where family will most likely spend a lot of time.

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