8 Unique DIY Decorations for the Holidays

Do you like to be unique?  Do you want a fresh idea to add to your holiday decorations?

Here are my 8 Out of the box DIY ways to decorate your for the Holidays:

1. Add Rustic Charm

Upcycled wine bottles wrapped in grapevine filled with white poinsettia stems to create a unique centerpiece. An antique silver tray adds a sweet touch of class.

2. Go With the Unexpected 

If you run out of flowerpots and holiday planters, grab an old pair of boots and fill them with poinsettias.

3. Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

Do you play a lot of board games during the holiday season? Represent that family fun by crafting a Christmas tree fashioned from Scrabble tiles.

4. Dried Fruit Garland

Oranges and apples are such a gorgeous accent for the holidays, whether you’re decorating or cooking with them. Make a simple, yet festive, dried orange Christmas garland which is perfect to drape wherever you please.


5. Christmas Cross Stitch Tennis Rackets

Now here’s a creative DIY for the holidays! Using chunky yarn, you’ll embroider Christmas-inspired designs right onto old tennis rackets.

6. Cranberry Mason Jar Centerpiece

You might love serving cranberry sauce for the holidays. But what about giving fresh cranberries the spotlight on your Christmas table too? These pretty centerpieces can be made with cranberries, Epsom salt, Mason jars, and tea lights.

7. Scented Salt Dough Ornaments

To make décor that’s pretty to look at and scented to boot. These crafts will smell amazing thanks to cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and orange essential oil.

8. Hanging Wall Christmas Tree

Save space and spruce up your holiday decor in the guest room, entryway, or any area where floor space is at a premium; It’s perfect for smaller homes and apartments!


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