504 Hill Success Story

504 Hill Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047


I met John and Barbara at a Home Selling Seminar in 2018.  Shortly after that I visited their home for a home salability assessment and advised them on what to do to get the home ready for the market.  They knew the home would not be ready for the market for a while, but they wanted to be prepared.  They also knew I would be happy to consult them over the years as they prepared and had questions.  The yard and maintenance to the property was becoming too much, that is why downsizing became necessary.  John and Barbara wanted something simpler like a condo.

As time went by they consulted with their financial advisor and determined it was now time to make a move.  We met again in early 2021 and created a timeline.  Decluttering and moving items out of the home took more time than they anticipated.  In May, they took my advice and had their home pre-inspected.  This helps take the stress out of selling.  We could decide what repairs to make before putting the house on the market, instead of allowing a buyer to dictate the repairs if we had just thrown it on the market.  There were simple minor repairs that were needed and we made them and marketed the home as being a pre-inspected home! It didn’t take long to find the perfect buyers for their home! It was a good offer made by nice people they were happy to sell their home to.  The buyer’s did their own home inspection and it did not uncover any new issues. So having the pre-inspection definitely helped alleviate John & Barbara’s stress.  They were able to extend settlement out 90 days giving them ample time to pack up their beloved home, again easing some of their stress.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I have guided hundreds of clients through the downsizing process as well as helped them identify what their next move is. Downsizing does not happen overnight; it is often a long process that takes time. And I understand that. I am here to help you, not push you. I want to make the process as easy as possible. So remember, hire a Realtor who understands your needs.

If you are thinking about downsizing and would like to reserve a FREE copy, reach out to me at: (267) 397-6291 or Info@SwainSells.com

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