What is a Quad?

PictureThe Villas at Shadybrook

A common question I get from 55+ Community candidates is What is a Quad?  So I thought I would share with everything a few details that many may not realize.

What is a Quad?
A quad house is a house attached on 2 consecutive or perpendicular sides to 2 other houses, each one with private and direct entrance via their front or side garden. When facing any of the four sides of the group, they appear to be semi-detached houses. Quad pretty clearly describes the style. If you ‘cut’ the building into quarters, each corner would be one unit. What is nice about this style is each unit has two exterior walls on the corner.  Garages typically divide the units on the first floor, giving a feeling of separation and great privacy. 

Typically upstairs builders offered a loft, attic storage, and option bathroom.  This again would be the divider for the second story.   We see a great example of this is one of more popular communities, The Villas at Shadybrook where the upstairs level is a huge open loft with storage and an optional full bath used for guests or as a third bedroom.  
The Villas at Shadybrook were built by McGrath.  McGrath built a few of the 55+ communities in Bucks County, Pa including The Villas at Riverview, Avenrowe, The Villages at Flowers Mill, Villas of Newtown, and The Villas at Five Ponds.  McGrath offered a few popular floor plans that were offered in a few of their 55+ communities: The Mulberry, The Rosewell, The Thornhill

Both The Villas at Chancellor’s Glen and The Villas at Regent’s Glen in Bensalem, Pa were built by Granor Price.
The Villas at Chancellor’s Glen was built in response to the demand for The Villas at Regent’s Glen which only has 68 homes in their 55+ Community.  Both were built with the same floor plan which included a basement and offered 1,265 sq ft. With options you could have up to 1,518 sq ft.

Legacy Oaks in Northampton, Pa was built by Barness and offered three different floor plans.  Like the other Quads they too offered a loft upstairs, optional storage room, and optional bathroom.

Quads also often have a fair amount of green space around the buildings, giving each unit its own private corner and a feeling more like a house than many townhome styles.  I encourage many of my client’s to keep an open mind to a quad, because once you step in one it feels more like being in a single family home than a condo or townhome.

Check out the 55+ Quad Communties we have here in Bucks County, Pa.

55+ Quad Communities in Bucks County, Pa:
Villas at Chancellor’s Glen    Bensalem, Pa
Villas at Regents Glen          Bensalem, Pa
Villas at Riverview                 Bristol, Pa
Avenrowe                              Fairless Hills, Pa
Villas at Shadybrook             Langhorne, Pa
The Villages of Flowers Mill  Langhorne, Pa
Villas of Newtown                  Newtown, Pa
Legacy Oaks                        Richboro, Pa
The Villas at Five Ponds      Warminster, Pa

If you have any questions or would like to take a look at one of these communities please contact Carol Swain at (215) 431-8705 or info@BucksCountyBoomers.com

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