The Value of a Move Manager

The Value of  a Move Manager

Moving is Difficult at any age. But it’s particularly hard on seniors, who are often simultaneously dealing with other challenges, including: loss of mobility, loss of health, loss of independence, a loss of a spouse or other family member. Detaching from their home and decades of possession can feel insurmountable.

A move manager may be what you need to help you navigate transitioning to a new living arrangement while preparing to sell your home.


What is a Move Manager?

You may be asking yourself, “what is a move manager?” Well, a move manager is a essentially a specialized project manager who helps seniors tackle and feel in charge of the huge change that is moving. Think of all the work a wedding planner does but for moving. Move managers can handle the long list of task you have to complete to help you transition into a new living arrangement smoothly. Move managers can also provide extra emotional support as well as come up with creative approaches to issues that are bound to arise when moving.


What Services are provided?

Now that you know more about what a move manager is, you’re now probably wondering, “What can they do for me?” The services move managers can provide can vary from one move manager to another, so it’s important that you select a move manager that fits your needs and the level of support you require to get the job done. Some people may want a move manager that will handle “everything,” whereas others may be getting help from family members and only want help with the physical moving of their belongings.


Some of the services that move managers provide are:

  • Assist in downsizing and sorting possessions
  • Create a custom floorplan for the new space
  • Coordinate with the placement of heirlooms with family members
  • Arrange for profitable disposal of items not moving with you
  • Make and document donations to charity
  • Organize the packing, move and then subsequent unpacking
  • Arrange furniture and belongings so the new space feels like home

These are some of the most common services provided by move managers, but there is so much more that others may offer that you find you absolutely “need”. Other ways move managers can assist, include:

  • Technical support for setting up all your digital equipment
  • Virtual meetings with adult children so they can be involved even when they aren’t physically present
  • Handling change of address and mail forwarding arrangements
  • Transferring utility services between your previous and current home
  • Arranging transportation for you to the new home
  • Plus other services as needed, in each unique moving situation!

Benefits of having a Move Manager

Moving can be an emotional experience, most seniors plan on remaining in their home for the rest of their lives, surrounded by their memory-filled belongings. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and a move becomes necessary. Beyond all the reasons previously listed, m0ve managers can help soothe the emotional side of a move when it is no longer safe or practical for seniors to remain in their home.

Other ways move managers can positively impact many aspects of a senior’s life are:

  • Lighten the load – Moving is strenuous work and some seniors are not capable of doing it on their own. Move managers can control the boxing, unboxing, cleaning and organizing of personal belongings, or use one of their vetted service providers to help get the job done.
  • Decision-making assistance – Move managers can be an objective third party to help make the hard decision of what to do with decades of belongings. Move managers can also offer a different perspective to give guidance to the decision-making process.
  • Coordination with family members – Move managers can offer communication alternatives that will save the cost and hassle of far-flung adult children making multiple trips to help a parent prepare for a move, reducing stress and negative
    impacts on the entire family.
  • Keeping Seniors Healthy – Beyond sparing seniors the risk of safety from the physical work of moving, moving in general, can be very stressful. Taking on all that stress can negatively impact senior’s health.

Studies show that abrupt and difficult transitions can trigger Relocation Stress
Syndrome, also called Transfer Trauma, with symptoms including confusion,
anxiety, depression, loneliness, irritability, and other changes in disposition.
It can also negatively impact seniors’ general health, producing stomach problems, sleep disturbances, changes in eating habits, and even falls.

By delegating the work to a move manager this reduces stress, and results in better long-term outcomes for seniors. The potential for adverse effects are minimized, and a move manager can help their clients view the move as a new phase of life, perhaps even an adventure!

Finally, move managers can make your job easier by releasing you from the difficult task of explaining all the changes that must happen in their home before they can have a quick, efficient, and profitable sale.

Do you think you, or a family member could benefit from a move manager? There are resources out there can assist in finding the right move manager for you. Doing an online search can yield numerous results or check professional directories such as:

You can also request a list from local senior living facilities or ask workers in social services agencies.

Once you find candidates for the job there are some questions you should ask to help evaluate if they are the right fit:

  • Request a list of services offered
  • Find out how they charge: (By the service, by the hour, utilizing service “packages”)
  • Are some services outsourced?
  • Determine if they are accredited by NASMM or CRTS
  • How much experience?
  • Check online ratings for their business
  • Ask for references and check them!

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