Selling Your Home is a Process That Doesn’t Happen Overnight – We Can Help…

The decision to sell your home is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  You have lived in your home for years; this is where you have raised your family.  We understand that at The Swain Team.  Often, we work with clients for months to even years to prepare their home for the market.  We are not pushy, we understand the transitional process and we are here to guide and support you through it.  In fact, we wrote a book to help guide you so you can prepare your home for the market and net the most when you are ready to sell.  Check it out on Amazon – “How to Net The Most When You Sell.”

Our most recent success story is Barbara.  Barbara was referred to us by a past client who was in a similar situation as Barbara.  Our past client had sold her home and moved into an independent living apartment.  Barbara and I had been in contact for months to prepare her home for the market.  She took advantage of our services and called with any questions and we are always happy to answer.  The holdup had been on the apartment that she was moving into.  She didn’t know her exact move-in date and she didn’t want to sell her home without that because her biggest concern was what would she do if her house sells and she had nowhere to go?  What we did know for sure what that she would be moving in by the end of December.  So, we prepared the house, sent the photographer out and started to premarket the property.  The home hit the market on a Friday and we announced that we would present offers that Monday at 10am.  It was unbelievable, the home had 29 showings in 3 days!  It went under contract with multiple offers with the highest offer being $40K above asking.  You read correctly – $40K above!  Plus, the buyer was not going to do any inspections.  What more could you ask for?


Barbara was thrilled!  She not only got $40K above asking but she got her desired settlement date.  She was more excited that the buyer wasn’t doing inspections than she was about the extra money.


I told Barbara from the day we first spoke not to worry, that we would coordinate everything and make sure it all worked out for her – and it did.  The Swain Team specializes in trying to remove as much stress as possible from the sale of your home.  We want you to be able to concentrate on the other things in life.

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