Our Easy Exit Listing Guarantee

One of the many guarantees that set me apart from other agents, includes my Easy Exit Listing. 

The reason that I offer the Easy Exit Listing is simply for the fact that you stay in control. At any time, if you are not 100% satisfied with the services I am providing, if things aren’t working out exactly the way you expected them to work out, you can fire me.

When you list with the ordinary, average agent, the reality is that you are going to be stuck in what is usually an 180-day, ball and chain listing contract. In other words, that listing agent can come in here, promise you the moon, the stars, the sun, and everything else. Then as soon as you sign your name on that listing contract, they can do absolutely nothing. And there’s not a thing you can do about it.

Every singe day when I wake up, I have to earn your business. I have to make sure I’m doing what I promised I was going to do, exactly as I promised I was going to do it. Unlike the average agent, that once again, once you sign that contract – read their contract – all it obligates them to do is put it in the MLS, put a sign in your yard, put a lockbox on the door. And that’s what a lot of agents do.

My Easy Exit listing keeps you in control so that there ultimately is accountability.
Our business is built with you in mind. When you’re ready to buy or sell, contact me at TheSwainTeam@gmail.com.

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