Monthly Market Update – October 2017

Monthly Market Update – October 2017

Inventory is still low.  But why?  There are two sides to a shortage: supply & demand. 

We understand the demand side…low interest rates, strong economy, increased job growth, yet why aren’t more seller’s selling?

Economists delved deeper to answer this.

  1.  It is thought as interest rates creeped up sellers became more hesitant to sell because they became use to low mortgage rates and didn’t want a higher rate on their next home mortgage.
  2. Sellers aren’t sure if they would find a home when theirs sold
  3. New construction shortage.  Builders aren’t building entry level new construction anymore.  And we won’t see this till the builders can find a cost productive way to do so.

The fact remains low inventory will not end overnight, yet it will in the future.  For now we are still in a seller’s market.  And we want to net our seller’s the most when they sell.  The Swain Team uses advanced innovative marketing techniques to net you the most in the least time.  

We can now advertise your home on TV!  Xfinity introduced a new on demand real estate channel where seller’s can search for homes for sale.  We are one of the few realtors with the ability to feature you home for sale on TV!

As always be on the look out for next month’s market update.  If you hear of a friend or family member looking to buy or sell remember to tell them about The Swain Team.

Monthly Market Update – October 2017

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