How to Net the Most when you Sell


Your home is likely one of your largest assets, and that is how you need to think about it.  Don’t you want to make the greatest return on investment you can on your asset?  But, how do you do that?  Easy.  You need to prepare to sell your home in advance.

I outline in depth these five easy steps in my Book – “How to Net the Most When you Sell,”  Which is available for sale on

You begin by:
Step 1: Ask yourself, “How am I going to maximize my budget?”
To best maximize your budget you need to form a relationship with an Expert Realtor not right before you list the home, but in advance.  Chances are you have a lawyer, doctor, and a financial consultant you call on. Get an Expert Realtor on your team as well.  An Expert Realtor will be there to guide you through the process, offer names of reliable & affordable contractors, offer suggestions, answer questions, and most importantly offer a free Complimentary Home Salability Assessment consultation.

Step 2: Complimentary Home Salability Assessment
A Complimentary Home Salability Assessment is a free 30 minute appointment to evaluate the current ​sale-ability of your home. You should schedule the Complimentary Home Salability Assessment months to years in advance.  The earlier, the better.  A member of the Swain Team will come out to your home and do a walk thru of each interior room as well as the exterior of your home.

At your Complimentary Home Salability Assessment, we will offer staging tips, paint color, and suggestions on what to do with clutter…and so on.  It is like having a real estate doctor come out to your home.  Clients often feel more organized and prepared because they have a prioritized plan of action. We will make suggestions that will help set your home apart from the competition.   It is the goal of the Complimentary Home Salability Assessment to help you identify how to maximize your budget.  What repairs or upgrades are going to give you the best return on investment.

Remember to always have an expert Realtor out to your home before you begin upgrades and repairs.  We have seen several times in the past where we go out to clients homes and they created their own plan and followed it however, it did NOT maximize their budget.  And they spend unnecessary money. And we don’t want that to happen to you.

To schedule a Free 30 minute Complimentary Home Salability Assessment Contact us at (215) 757-7257 or

Step 3: Home Pre inspected:
Next, get your home pre – inspected.  There are many reasons to get your home pre-inspected.  First, most often you have lived in the home for many years so there will be items uncovered in a home inspection.  Second, you can save money by having your home pre-inspected.  The selling process works like this:  You get an offer on your home, once accepted, the buyers have 10 days to do all inspections.  Once inspections are complete buyers will normally ask for repairs, a credit or both. When you have your home pre-inspected buyers will be able to review your inspection report with your repairs made prior to putting in an offer.  So their offer is based on knowing the true condition of the home.  So buyers don’t nickel and dime you.  Third, it is during this 10 day contingency period we get phone calls from sellers stressing out wondering what the home inspector found and if the deal is going to fall apart.   So, a pre-home inspection can alleviate a lot of stress!

After, the pre-inspection we will sit down with you and go over the report and review what repairs you want to make.  Then we base the asking price of the home on the level of work you want to have done. As a service to our clients we offer a list of competent contractors with reasonable prices. If you start now you will know exactly what you need to do because down the road you may need to fix that costs a lot of money so you can budget for it.

Step 4: Commit & be Coachable
Be coachable, create your plan and make a commitment.  Remember to stay open minded so we can guide you through the process so you can NET THE MOST!

Step 5: Market your Home in Advance
If you know you are going to sell, why keep it a secret?  Market your home in advance with our Exclusive Coming Soon! Campaign.  The Coming Soon! Campaign CREATES DEMAND for your home.

High Demand = Highest Selling Price & Sellers in Control of Negotiations

So…What is it and How do we do it?

How do large corporations, like Nabisco, introduce a new product to the market?  They “test market”.  How do they know they will get the most money for their product if they don’t play around with the design of the packaging, the price, and even placement on the store shelves?  They test the market to know how to price and position their product.  To sell your home in the market for the most money in the least amount of time it is best to do test marketing.  Just like the large corporations.  Test marketing allows us to gauge the demand for your home and to properly position it to sell for the most money.  We will:

Þ Market your home on the internet and social media sites
Þ Analyze your home’s viewing statistics and pricing
Þ Put a sign in your yard with a Coming Soon! teaser

One of the greatest benefits that the Coming Soon! offers, is decreased time your home is on the market.  The first 14 days the home is for sale and available for showings are the most crucial.  After 30 days, a home becomes stale on the market.  So we need to get your home SOLD!  By analyzing your pre-market viewing statistics, we can pinpoint a more accurate marketing strategy; therefore, decreasing your home’s days on the market and stress on you to sell your home.

The bottom line, is that each Coming Soon! we market creates unique opportunities that no one is able to foresee. Every sellers needs and wants maybe different, but there is no denying that the Coming Soon! opens many doors.  Maximizing your exposure, maximizes your profit!  It pays to hire Expert Realtors with Innovative Marketing Techniques!


Contact us at (215) 757-7257 or to learn more about our Exclusive Coming Soon! Campaign. Request a Complimentary Home Salability Assessment to prepare your home in advance and help create that demand. 

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