Home Improvements that Help You Sell Faster

As the market begins to shift with rising interest rates homeowners need to prepare their home for market in order to net the most and stand out.  Homeowners who make improvements before listing their home sell 30% faster than those that don’t, and there are a handful of improvements that can increase sale speed exponentially.

It most likely comes as no surprise that the top five improvements that buyers love are located in the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms have long been the apple of many buyers’ eyes and can easily leave a lasting impression when viewing a home.

Improvements that Help a Home Sell Faster Improvements that Help Sell a Home Faster

With the average spend amongst a wide range of upgrades at just $1,349 in the kitchen and $866 in the bathroom, getting a home show-ready doesn’t have to  break the bank, to increase its marketability.

The analysis also found homeowners who had two or more improvements completed on their home sold nearly 40% faster (in an average of six days) than those who only made one improvement. These additional improvements can be as minor as a fresh coat of paint, updating fixtures like lights, faucets, and knobs, or  simply power washing the exterior of your home.

If you are thinking about selling whether it be now or in the future and want to Net the Most When You Sell, stop out to my Free Educational Home Selling Seminar on October 4th at 6:30 at the Middletown Twp Building or on Oct 20th at 2pm at the Middletown Senior Center.

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