April 2019 Monthly Market Update

​April 2019 Monthly Market Update

The spring market is here!  Today we are going to discuss the facts on what’s going on in the market.  There is so much negative news out there.  But let’s talk about what’s going on locally.  It is true what Sam Khater chief economist at Freddie Mac said – “We’re in a mental recession. It’s a constant stream of negative headlines for a couple of months…it wears on you.”  

Our local housing market is hot!  Our listings are selling with multiple offers and FAST!  Another testament to the growth in home sales this year compared to last year is how many transactions the Mortgage Bankers Association, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae are projecting for 2019.  

Fannie Mae thinks we will see a slight increase, Freddie Mac thinks we will see a larger increase, and the Mortgage Bankers Association says we are going to do very well.  

Last month we spoke about how to win a bidding war.  This month lets focus in on how to create a bidding war.  To create a bidding war, you need to be a skilled marketer who knows how to create the RIGHT demand.  There are several elements involved including market knowledge, customized marketing campaigns, and strategic pricing.   This ensures that you will net the most and have the negotiating leverage to make it an easier sale for you.  We discuss in depth our exclusive marketing strategies at our home selling seminars.  
We utilize our marketing dollars to pre-market your home BEFORE it goes up for sale.  This allows us the opportunity to reach as many buyers as possible and perfect our marketing plan. By analyzing your pre-market viewing statistics, we can pinpoint a more accurate marketing strategy, therefore, decreasing your home’s days on the market and stress on you to sell your home.  Your home is one of your largest assets hire The Swain Team who knows how to net you the most with our proven methods. 
If you are thinking about putting your house on the market this year now is a great time to start the process and you can start it by coming to my next Home Selling Seminar at the Northampton library on May 1st.  Give us a call at 215-757-7257 Or email us to register at TheSwainTeam@gmail.com

April 2019 Monthly Market Update

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