5 Steps to Take Before Downsizing

5 Steps to Take Before Downsizing

Christina Swain, 55+ Specialist
By: Christina Swain

Christina has been selling real estate for 20 years and has had the opportunity to help several thousand clients downsize.

This year we’ve helped many of our clients downsize to their dream, smaller home. Whether it be a 55+ Community, relocate to another state or move into an Independent or Assisted Living Facility.  If you’re moving from a bigger home that you have lived in for years to a smaller home, there are some things you’ll need to do to prepare.

#1: Start early and start small.

Downsizing your belongings is no easy task, so we’d recommend you start as early as possible and start small. Don’t try to do the whole house in one day or even one weekend. You’re probably looking at something more like a couple of weeks. Take it one room at a time and one closet, box, and item at a time. Take your time thinking about whether it’s something you really want to hang onto or not.

Also, we’d recommend you not start with a big room that attracts lots of “leftover stuff” like your garage, attic, or storage closets.

#2: Get rid of duplicates.

If you’re moving into a smaller space, you can probably get rid of most of your duplicates – think sheets, towels, etc. Believe it or not, even getting rid of small items like these will save you a lot of space.

#3: Eliminate items for rooms you won’t have.

Think about which rooms you’re actually going to have in your new home. Will you have a media room? An office? A guest room? Room for kids? If there are rooms you currently have that you won’t have, think about which items you can get rid of or repurpose to work in your new space.

#4: Don’t hang onto too much for the next generation.

If you’re still hanging onto items for your kids and/or grandkids, take special inventory of what you really want to take with you to your smaller home. Keep in mind that with all of our modern technology, it’s easy to take photos of kindergarten art projects, old prom dresses, etc. and keep them on your phone. You may even want to invite your kids and grandkids over so they can choose the items they’d like to take to their own homes or have you hang onto for them.

#5: Get rid of all that paper.

Going along with our last step – all of those old file folders you’re hanging onto? Consider scanning all of it into digital files so you can free up some space that otherwise would used storing all that paper.

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